Our business

For the past 10 years, D1FFER has been creating and marketing online storage and file exchange services to the general public.

We provide solutions to users who want to access and share their personal files without sacrificing their privacy. Over one million users have created accounts on the gigatribe.com and giga.gg services.

D1FFER also offers white label partnerships for B2C players who want to build customer loyalty. These partnerships strengthen its brand via an innovative service with high customer retention power.

Consumer market services

GiGa is an online storage service that anyone can use, at the crossroads of standard "cloud" services and social networks.
GigaTribe allows users to create a network where friends can exchange files directly from their hard drives.

White label partnerships

Every day, our digital assets are taking up an increasing amount of space, but they tend to be scattered among several specialized services. The use of a Cloud service allows one to gather and organize all of one's contents in one place, and use them or exchange them freely and in total security.

Cloud services offered by B2C players (e-retailers, phone companies, banks) are not used much as they provide nothing more than what major American publishers already offer.

D1FFER enables you to innovate by offering your clients a Cloud service that is inspired by social networks. Each user will be able to create his or her own network, in order to exchange all or some of the contents stored in his or her Cloud. The dynamics of the network regularly provide new content and maintain the interest in the service. Your customers will log on more often, they will store more files and they will remain loyal to your brand.


GigaTribe customer service https://www.gigatribe.com/en/customer-care

GiGa customer service https://giga.desk.com/

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